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Life Insurance Claim Delay

A life insurance claim delay can be frustrating and disappointing. Our national life insurance lawyers have handled hundreds of life insurance claims and can help evaluate your pending claim to see if you may be entitled to benefits.

Life Insurance Claim Delay

Experiencing delays in life insurance claim processing can be frustrating and financially burdensome. At the Law Offices of Jason Turchin, we have a lot of experience in effectively addressing and resolving claim delays, helping to ensure our clients in Florida, New Jersey, New York, and across the United States receive their due benefits promptly. Our life insurance lawyers have handled hundreds of life insurance claims. Call us for a free consultation at 800-337-7755 or Chat with our agents if your life insurance claim is being unreasonably delayed.

Understanding Life Insurance Claim Delays

Life insurance claim delays can occur for various reasons, including incomplete documentation, investigation of the claim by the insurance company, or administrative issues. Our role is to identify the cause of the delay and work diligently to expedite the processing of your claim.

Our Approach to Resolving Delays

1. Evaluation of Your Claim: We start by reviewing your claim to identify any potential issues or missing information.
2. Direct Communication with the Insurance Company: We engage with the insurance company on your behalf to address and resolve any issues causing the delay.
3. Ensuring Compliance with State Laws: We fight to help ensure that insurance companies adhere to state-mandated timelines for claim processing.
4. Legal Action if Necessary: If the life insurance company is unreasonably delaying your claim, we are prepared to take legal action to protect your rights.

When to Consider Filing a Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit might become necessary if your life insurance claim has been unfairly denied or delayed, or if you are facing issues like breach of contract, bad faith practices by the insurer, or disputes over the policy terms. It is a step typically taken when all other avenues, such as direct negotiation or appeals, have been exhausted or are deemed ineffective.

Our Approach to Life Insurance Lawsuits

1. Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation: We begin by thoroughly reviewing your case, understanding the specifics of your claim, and the reasons behind the denial or delay. This initial assessment is crucial in determining the viability of legal action.
2. Investigation and Evidence Gathering: A successful lawsuit often requires solid evidence. We can conduct comprehensive investigations, gather necessary documentation, and, if needed, consult with experts. This may include collecting medical records, financial documents, communication with the insurance company, and witness statements.
3. Filing the Lawsuit: Once we have a strong case, we proceed with filing a lawsuit. This involves preparing and submitting legal documents to the appropriate court. We handle all aspects of the legal process, keeping you informed along the way.​
4. Litigation Process: The litigation process can involve several stages, including discovery, where both parties exchange information, motion practice, settlement negotiations, and, if necessary, trial. Our experienced legal team will represent you throughout, advocating for your rights and seeking the best possible outcome.
5. Resolution: Whether through a trial verdict or a settlement, our goal is to ensure you receive the compensation and justice you deserve. We strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, providing legal support from start to finish.

How long does a life insurance lawsuit take?
The duration can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the case and the court’s schedule. Some cases are settled quickly, while others might take months or even years.
Success depends on many factors, including the strength of your case and the evidence supporting it. Our team can give you a realistic assessment based on our extensive experience.
We typically work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay unless we win your case. All fee structures will be discussed upfront during your consultation. We also waive all costs if there is no recovery.
Delays can result from issues like incomplete paperwork, ongoing investigations into the cause of death, or administrative backlogs at the insurance company.
Ensure all paperwork is filled out accurately and completely. Provide all requested documentation promptly, including the death certificate and any policy-related documents.
While the time frame can vary, most states require claims to be paid within 30 to 60 days of filing. If your claim is taking longer, it’s advisable to seek legal assistance.
Yes, we can assist in cases where the insurance company is investigating the cause of death, ensuring that your claim is processed fairly and promptly.
You may have grounds for a lawsuit against the insurance company for breach of contract or bad faith. We can assess your case and advise on the best course of action.

Legal Help For Delayed Life Insurance Claim

A delayed life insurance claim can add unnecessary stress during an already difficult time. The Law Offices of Jason Turchin is committed to helping you navigate and resolve these delays, fighting to help ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to without undue wait. Contact us for assistance with your life insurance claim delay.