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Material Misrepresentation

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Life Insurance Claim Denial for Material Misrepresentation

Material misrepresentation is one of the main reasons why life insurance companies deny claims. Material representation means that when the applicant was taking out the policy, they left out essential details or gave false information so as to qualify for a policy. For instance, if you are a smoker and end up dying of lung cancer, the insurer will investigate and may deny claims. If you have a Florida life insurance dispute that was denied for material misrepresentation, call a FL life insurance lawyer at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today at 800-337-7755 for a free consultation, or submit your case information or question online.

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    What happens if a life insurance claim is denied for material misrepresentation?

    If a Florida life insurance claim is denied because of a material misrepresentation on the policy application, beneficiaries may end up getting a lower amount, or having the life insurance claim is denied altogether. Florida life insurance attorneys can help you follow up on claim denial for material misrepresentation. When a loved one dies, and you have filed for a claim that has been denied due to misrepresentation, you should contact our Miami life insurance lawyers right away.

    What Amounts to Life Insurance Misrepresentation?

    In basic terms, misrepresentation is providing falsified information when taking up an insurance policy so as to qualify for the policy. This means, for example, that you do not reveal the details of your medical statements that may disqualify you from the policy. If the insurance company feels that there was material information left out, they will deny claims, and this is why you would need Florida life insurance attorneys to take up the matter. The life insurance company may argue that they would not have afforded the policy at the same premium amounts or at all had they known about the prior medical conditions.

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    Contestability Period

    A contestability period will last for about 2 years from the start of the life insurance policy. This is a critical element and will be used by life insurance companies as well as Broward life insurance claim attorneys, for example, to determine material misrepresentation. If the insured passes away during this time frame, there will likely be delayed or denied payments on the claim. Such cases are quite tricky, and you should consult our Miami life insurance lawyers right away.

    Finding the Right Broward Life Insurance Claim Attorneys

    Material misrepresentation claim denials can be difficult, and when consulting Florida life insurance attorneys, you should find someone with experience handling these claims. You should hire a life insurance lawyer immediately when the claim has been denied, but the key element to look out for is the experience in such matters. As much as there may many Florida insurance claim attorneys, many have never handled material misrepresentation life insurance claim denial cases.

    Abuse of Material Misrepresentation Life Insurance Claims

    There have been many cases of insurance companies abusing the issue of material misrepresentation to deny claims. Your Broward life insurance claim attorneys will help you scrutinize the denial so as to establish if there are any loopholes.
    Our Florida life insurance attorneys have seen many cases of unfounded denial of claims, and most beneficiaries do not bother following up since they don’t know they can still pursue a claim. When working closely with our Miami life insurance lawyers, you will get our honest position of such cases.

    Florida Life Insurance Claim Attorneys on Contingency Fee

    Our Florida life insurance attorneys handle material misrepresentation denials on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge you any money out of pocket. We only get paid if you get money. If we have to close the case with no recovery for some reason, we waive all fees and costs.

    Where We Handle Florida Life Insurance Claims

    We handle life insurance material misrepresentation claims throughout ALL of Florida. If you need an Orlando life insurance attorney, Miami life insurance lawyer, Broward life insurance attorney, or life insurance attorney anywhere in Florida, feel free to give us a call at 800-337-7755 today!